Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eksmo signs deal with Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle which is licensed by Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd is a Kids Luxury brand that publishes NCERT approved Preschool, Nursery, School books and many other activity and puzzle books. Purple Turtle is also a preschool, which provides personalized education and care towards a child. Purple Turtle believes that children are capable and innovative and believes that books play a major role in developing a child brain which leads to over all development of the child.

Russian publication house “Eksmo”, which is a leading book publisher in Russia and one of the largest in Europe, which controls about 20% of Russian book market have singed Purple Turtle to publish Purple Turtle Books in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Purple Turtle being recognized by all as “A Kids Luxury Brand”, through Eksmo now they would be seen overseas.

N. K. Krishnanand, National Sales Manager, Purple Turtle, said,” We are very happy to say that Eksmo being a top publication house in Russia, have singed us to be their publication house for books in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This has made our hard work and contribution in education field a success. We promise to bring greater education and learning facility to all the children of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.”

He added, “Purple Turtle through their consistence devotion in education sector have now made in large by attracting Eksmo to choose them as their publication agency in Russia and other parts. We are very happy to hold the licensor ship of Purple Turtle; it has brought pride to us.”

Purple turtle is a cute character which helps a child to grow and learn in a fun manner. It a name that is friendlier in both the genders and also a favorite among children and parents as Purple Turtle is exactly what makes a child interested in reading and learning. This has made Eksmo to choose Purple Turtle as their publishing house.

Eksmo is the exclusive Russian partner of Disney, Inc. in publishing educational books. Eksmo works in all segments of the books like school textbooks, children's literature, domestic and foreign fiction.

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