Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Mine - Arnab Ray

Lost in the vast deserts of Rajasthan, lays a clandestine mine, which reveals an ancient but grotesque pagan carvings. But, the evil that is there doesn’t rise from the outside; it is the one that remains and grows inside you. Arnab Ray’s second book, (after the non-fiction ‘May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss’ in 2010); is a psychological thriller, a genre that Indian authors haven’t yet successfully attempted. Better known as Greatbong in the blogging circles, Ray is known more for his satirical humor and his candid love affair with Bollywood, politics, sports and much more.

Ray noted that he draws his inspiration not just from one source, but many that he has grown up with. Queen of Crime Fiction Writing Agatha Christie, and X files have contributed to the writing of this book, but Mahabharat, his favourite book, has also influenced him since childhood.

What is clear in the book though is how Ray takes real situations and paints a gruesome picture out of it. The real horror of the book is not in the supernatural, nor is it how the plot unfolds and the main character suffering. The novel’s horror is drawn from the lurid flashbacks, untold suppressed histories of the characters of the book. “Many of the incidents in the book are taken from real events, horrific pain that men and women of this world have inflicted on others” Ray said.

Genre: Fiction/Horror
Author: Arnab Ray
282 pages; Price: Rs 195
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